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Setting up a trust can have a number of benefits. It can shield you from paying additional taxes on transferable assets and can provide you with protection and privacy during a challenging time when dealing with the illness or death of a loved one.

Our team has significant experience in setting up and implementing trusts for our clients, and we can offer access to a skilled trust lawyer.
As opposed to a will that becomes a public document once it is probated, a trust remains private at the discretion of the trustee under trust law.

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Life Insurance Trust Law

A life insurance trust involves the investment of insurance proceeds at a time of the policy holder’s choosing. The trust investment can be managed by a trust lawyer who can help craft the documentation to transfer the assets over to the beneficiary.

In some cases, a family may set up a trust to transfer assets within their family upon death or at a specific time of their choosing. The process is managed under trust law by a legal expert who can help the family protect assets and reduce taxes during administration.

Revocable Trust Law

A revocable trust is a legal arrangement through which grantor retains control over their lifetime, passing on the trust to a beneficiary, under the guidance of a trustee, after their death. The grantor can choose to distribute the assets within the trust at a time of choosing, with assistance from a trust lawyer.

We can answer your questions and provide access to an experienced trust lawyer. Our team will review your options with you and introduce you to strategies that safeguard your assets.

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"They made the whole process very simple and clear. Was very easy and I felt supported knowing he’d be answering any questions I had. I refer people to him with the utmost confidence." 5 / 5 starstrust lawyer review
Revocable trust & trust law, Wills and Trusts services
Date published: 01/30/2016
"Very detailed and thorough work with compassionate advice." 5 / 5 starstrust lawyer review
Revocable trust & trust law, Wills and Trusts services
Date published: 03/12/2016
"Very professional. I don’t hesitate to refer clients to Paul Mazzeo." 5 / 5 starstrust lawyer review
Revocable trust & trust law, Wills and Trusts services
Date published: 03/12/2016

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