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Family law often extends itself beyond into other areas of law such as real estate and wills & estates and as a result, we are extremely well versed in these areas as well. A number of our clients have assets that they wish to protect and many of these assets are real estate investments and properties. These investments would be properties and/or land that is owned in addition to one’s primary residence.

The first step in protecting these assets is ensuring that your initial purchase is handled accordingly and having a real estate lawyer review both purchase and sale agreements is a very wise precautionary action to take. Many things are hidden in the fine print and since you are our client, our main concern is to educate you and arm you with the information that will empower you in every transaction you make.

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What are the items included in the fine print of your real estate agreement? Are there any additional costs you’ll have to pay once the transaction has been concluded? What are your rights to compensation in the event the transaction doesn’t process as expected?

We can help you to get answers to each of these questions and any other questions you might have regarding the transaction. When going through a divorce or separation, it’s important you understand your rights and responsibilities regarding the division of property.

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Our team at Mazzeo Law has significant experience in both divorce law and in real estate law, and this dual-side experience means we’re able to provide a comprehensive legal platform for protecting your property rights.

One of the main challenges some clients have with their family lawyer is that their legal representative is often unavailable, and unable to answer questions when required. We will never leave you with questions unanswered. Our clients know that when they turn to us, they receive a quality of service unparalleled across the local legal field.

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We’ve represented thousands of clients in our history in the industry, and this experience means we’re prepared to respond to all challenges that arise in your case. In some cases, we find that our clients must negotiate directly with the lender when they are unable to afford their mortgage payments, either due to a divorce case or due to a personal issue or unforeseen medical problem.

In these cases, a trusted real estate lawyer from our team can represent you in dealing with the lender and can respond to their communications. This process can help to mitigate long-term financial issues and provide immediate comfort and security. Book a consultation with a trusted real estate lawyer today. Our team is here to guide you and answer your questions.

"Paul made the whole real estate process very simple and clear. Was very easy and I felt supported knowing he’d be answering any questions I had. I refer people to him with the utmost confidence." 5 / 5 starsreal estate lawyer review
Real Estate Lawyer & Real Estate law services
Date published: 02/30/2015
"Very detailed and thorough work with compassionate real estate law advice." 5 / 5 starsreal estate lawyer review
Real Estate Lawyer & Real Estate law services
Date published: 02/30/2015
"Very professional. I don’t hesitate to refer clients to Paul Mazzeo." 5 / 5 starsreal estate lawyer review
Real Estate Lawyer & Real Estate law services
Date published: 02/30/2015

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